Wedding Gift Idea with Spin It Pro Tumbler Turner

Hey, WRMK friends! It’s Bea here today sharing a romantic handmade gift idea for engagement parties or weddings. You can easily create this customized tumbler with the WRMK Spin It Tumbler Turner, now available exclusively at Michaels Stores.

I love the fact that custom tumblers can be used in so many ways. This time I decided to use my tumbler as a gift box and fill it with money or a wedding gift, or put flowers in it and use it as a nice table decoration!

To get started, I set up my new Spin It Pro Tumbler Turner and placed the silicon mat underneath. The new spinning mechanism adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of tumbler sizes and holds your cups completely secure. To prep the tumbler, I cleaned the surface with a cotton ball and alcohol and then apply a coat of matte spray paint on the tumbler. I used white primer paint to match my color choice and let the tumbler dry completely.

Next, I mixed the Color Pour Resin and Resin Hardener turned on the Spin It Pro Tumbler Turner, and began to apply the resin on the tumbler. First I used a wooden stick to smooth the resin mixture over the tumbler but later I simply used my hands (in plastic gloves) to apply the resin evenly.

I let dry the resin for 2-3 hours and began adding the glitter. For this project, I used three different glitters. A white holographic one, a pink one, and a red one. I coated the entire tumbler with the glitter, trying to create an ombre look.

After applying the glitter, I continued spinning the tumbler and let it dry for 6 hours. Then, I added an additional layer of glitter to the bottom and customized the tumbler with the ‘You and Me’ title using alphabet stickers. The final step was to add the last layer of Color Pour Resin. It took 24-hours for the resin to become dry and set completely.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope this DIY tumbler idea has inspired you to create something special for your loved ones this wedding season. Happy crafting!

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