Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Hello there We R fans, Kimberly Crawford here. Washi tape is one supply I can never have enough of! It’s easy to use, versatile, and comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Coming up with more ways to use washi tape is fantastic, and enables me to add more tape to my growing collection! Here are a couple of great ways to use washi tape to wrap gifts!

washi gifts Kimberly Crawford

Using my 1-2-3 Punch Board and a floral paper from the Wildflower collection, I created a small box. To decorate the box, I used washi tape like ribbon by wrapping it around the box.

washi gifts 4 Kimberly Crawford

Then I turned the washi tape into curly-q’s! I love the look of curling ribbon on packages and wondered if washi tape could create the same look. It can! Taking a length of washi tape, I folded it in half. To make it thinner, I cut it in half, length-wise. Each piece of washi tape was wrapped around the end of a paintbrush.

washi gifts 3 Kimberly Crawford

You could use a pencil for thicker spirals, or a toothpick for very tiny spirals. Holding the washi in place for a moment is all it takes. I cut several different lengths of washi tape and adhered the ends to the top of the box. I topped the pretty package off with an adorable pink Pleather Bow.

washi gifts 6 Kimberly Crawford

Using the 1-2-3 Punch Board and more of the same papers, I created two envelopes, perfect for holding gift cards. Around one envelope I wrapped two colors of washi tape.

washi gifts 5 Kimberly Crawford

Around the second envelope, I added a band of washi, but also a washi tape banner. Small pieces of washi tape were folded over a piece of twine. Once they were in place, I notched the bottoms with a pair of scissors. The banner tied easily around the envelope.

washi gifts 2 Kimberly Crawford

Did you happen to notice the fantastic washi tape dispenser in the background? If you think he’s cute, make sure and see the Scottie Dog version!

Have you used washi tape to wrap a gift?



Animal Washi Tape Dispenser–Rhino
Wild Flower 12×12 paper- Road Trip, Stargazing
Pleather Bow-Wild Flower
1-2-3 Punch Board

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