Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album

30 days of evolution

Hello! Samantha with you today. Are you enjoying the first week of 30 Days of Evolution? There have been so many fun projects already! Today I’m working with the Evolution Advanced and a really versatile die: The Accordion Pocket Die. I’ll be using the Accordion Pocket Die in a mini album to add extra space for photos.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 1

I decided to make a wallet style, tri-fold mini album. When closed the album measures 5” x 7”. When open it measures 15 3/8” x 7”. Since the album is longer than a 12”x12” piece of paper allows, you can either make the album base from 2 sheets of paper or, you can use the Template Studio and a piece of Designer Poster Board to create your album. Since I wanted the base of my album to be 1 continuous piece of paper, I chose to use the Template Studio and a piece of white polka dotted Designer Poster Board. It’s a great resource for cutting paper that’s too big to fit on your paper trimmer!

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 2

After getting your paper cut down to size, you can use the template studio to add score lines for folding your album, or you can use the Trim & Score Board to add score lines. I switched over to the Trim & Score Board because I wanted to add a score line at a 1/8” measurement, and the smallest the Template Studio does are ¼” measurements. I placed my paper on the Trim & Score Board so it was laying horizontally, and scored the paper at 5”, 5 ¼”, 10 ¼”, and 10 3/8”. This will give your photo wallet a bit of a spine on both the top and the bottom, so that you can have room to add the Accordion Pocket and some chunkier embellishments, and the wallet will still fold flat. The spine on the bottom edge will be 1/8” wide, while the spine on the top edge will be ¼” wide.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 3

Now that the album is built, we can do the fun part and decorate it. Everything I used in this album from the paper, to the embellishments, to that adorable bow is from the new (and absolutely gorgeous) Wildflower collection. When creating a mini album, I always start with the cover.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 4

My biggest problem when making mini albums is keeping them mini. I always, always, always try to cram way too many photos into them. The Accordion Pocket Die is an awesome way to add extra photos and/or journaling to a mini album and still keep it mini. For my album, I decided to add 2 pockets, one on the top right and one on the bottom left.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 5

Not only does it add extra space for photos and journaling, but it’s super easy to use! It’s a one piece die, with no intricate little pieces to futz with. Just cut and fold the sides and you’re ready to go!

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 6

I put 2 extra photos in each of my pockets, but you could easily fit 4 or 5 without adding much extra bulk or stretching the pocket out.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 7

And that’s how I use the Accordion Pocket Die to add a little extra space to my mini albums. I have one more thing to share with you today. I know storage is something we paper crafters talk about all the time. It needs to be functional, and it’s a nice bonus when it’s fun, too! We R Memory Keepers packages their dies in magnetic sleeves that can be put right into the Die Storage Album.  The cover of the album is kraft, so you can easily decorate it any way you want. I thought I’d show you how I decorated mine. I cut out pieces from all the dies that are stored in the album and adhered them to the outside. Not only is it kind of fun, but I can see the size of each die without having to cut a test piece.

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 8

I also used my Accordion Pocket Die inside my album. I have it in there to house those extra pieces I cut out and then decide I’m not going to use, or decide to use in a different color!

Using the Accordion Pocket Die in a Mini Album 9

I’m loving this little pocket! It’s small, but the possibilities for it are so big! What will you use the Accordion Pocket Die for?



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