Think Big With The Template Studio

Hi there, blog hostess Aly here again! Have you heard that the awesome new Template Studio has launched? Whatever gift you decide to give to the teacher you’d like to honor as the school year draws to a close, the Template Studio is the perfect way to create beautiful custom packaging. FromĀ bags, to boxes, to envelopes your gifts will look amazing and let your child’s teacher know just how special he or she really is.

If you’ve already got some of our Punch Boards you’ll recognize exactly what you’re making with the Template Studio–it’s just bigger! Recently I got my hands on the new Template Studio and created a short video overview of what you’ll find when you open your box for the first time. Check it out!

We’ve got plenty of instructional videos demonstrating how to use this innovative new tool along with all the extra templates you can purchase separately, so be sure to check those out on our YouTube channel HERE. The possibilities are HUGE with the new Template Studio! I’ll be sharing some fun project ideas over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. And be sure to share your Template Studio projects on our Facebook page HERE.

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