Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Need a hostess gift idea for Thanksgiving dinner?  How about a bottle of your favorite bubbly with a handmade bottle tag attached.  These darling bottle tags take minutes to make and are the perfect way to express appreciation to your Thanksgiving hostess.

To make these Thanksgiving bottle tags I cut the hats from Harvest Textured Cardstock using the Lifestyle Crafts Pilgrim Hat Shape Die in my Evolution machine.  Then I cut a 2 inch circle out of the center of the base of the hats to allow them to fit over the neck of the bottles.  Next, I cut 1 1/4 x 12 inch strips of Harvest Patterned Paper to use as wraps, making “v” shapes in each end.

I added some Harvest Embossed Stickers to the wraps as sentiments, finishing off my bottle tags.  Designer tip: to take care of the adhesive on the back of the stickers simply rub a bit of talcum powder over the entire back with your finger.  That way the stickers won’t stick where you don’t want them to.

These bottle tags are also great for flower vases, flavored vinegar, glass soda bottles, lotions, bath crystals, or any other narrow upright containers.  Enjoy!


Supplies used:

Pilgrim Hat Shape Die


Harvest Paper Pack

Aly Dosdall


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