Thanksgiving Bingo Game

If you’re spending the holiday with children–whether your own, your grandkids, nieces and nephews, or friends–here’s a fun game to play with them while waiting for the feast to begin.

Download and print the free bingo boards HERE.  I recommend printing them on white or ivory cardstock and them mounting them on textured cardstock for added stability.  You can print one extra board and cut out the images to use as calling cards.

Then, using the smallest leaf from the Lifestyle Crafts Maple Leaves Nesting Dies, cut enough leaves from fall colored textured cardstock to cover each square on each board to use as markers.

Play the game as is for younger children, or for older kids make winning more of a challenge by creating a specific pattern with the markers on your board (ie an”L” or “X”, by filling in two columns/rows, or by filling in your entire board.  Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving!


Textured cardstock–Harvest and Hall Pass collections

Lifestyle Crafts Maple Leaves Nesting Dies

Evolution machine

Aly Dosdall


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