Take Photos of a Mini Album with the ShotBox

Hi, friends! It’s Yui. Today, I want to share some tips for taking photos of a mini album with the ShotBox. The ShotBox is an easy-to-use portable photo studio! We can take professional style photos of our craft projects or for our small business.

First, we need to choose a background. When you buy the shotbox, you can get 2 infinity backdrops (1 in black and 1 in white).  But if you get two background packs, you can choose from two dozen different backgrounds!

  1. Flatlay

I think most people use a flatlay with their project. Get the perfect flatlay everytime with the ShotBox! 

This time, I chose Orange background paper. I made this fun mini album with Buenos Dias collection by Obed Marshall for American Crafts. I chose one of the collection’s main colors.

First, I placed my mini album in the center and put embellishments and tools I used around it. Then, I took a photo of the cover of the mini.

Next, for the inside pages, I moved the embellishments. You can turn the pages without moving your phone, so you can shoot every page at the same angle.

Third, I took photos of the details, just by bringing a phone closer to the page inside the ShotBox! 

2. Use the front space

If you want to record a video or take a photo from the front, you can do it with the side shot. It’s perfect for hands free photos and videos from a wide variety of angles and also to add more light! Also, We can adjust the angles of side shot. So, If you straighten it, you can take a process video on the front space of the shotbox.

I used the Foil Quill Cordless Pen for some pages. For one page, I made a message card for my son. Actually, this album is for my son entering elementary school from this April. I used a stencil from Obed Marshall and watercolor set from Amy Tangerine by American Crafts. I was able to recorded this process with professional level lights!

3. From the front

Adjust the angle of the side shot and use it to shoot from the front.

First, I used this to take a picture of a mini-album standing up. I plan to display this mini on my son’s desk. So, I tried to reproduce the look of the the desk in the ShotBox. 

Next, I recorded a flip through video. It’s very easy because you can turn the page with both hands! 

I shared some ways to use the ShotBox. I was able to take photos of the cover, inside pages, detail shots, standing up and record a process video and flip through! Yes, all you need is the shotbox!! I hope you like it and refer to it with your projects. There is also a video on YouTube so check it out! Thank you for stopping by.  

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