Superstar Sports Photo Display

Hello We R fans and thank you for joining me today as share this little dedication to my darling son’s sporting achievements. He has worked so hard all season and earned himself Player of The Match four times. On three of the occasions the trophy went back to the team but because he also won it on the last game of the season, he gets to keep it for good. How awesome! I’ve got it proudly on display, along with some info on each game, on a 12” Ruler Studio, fashioned into a star shape to coordinate with the star on the trophy.


I’ve added a bunch of paper stars which I fashioned out of some plain blue cardstock as well as some paper from the Typecast 12×12 pad. The gold foil print worked perfectly for this project! You can find a link to create these stars here. I’ve adhered them to my ruler using glue dots.


The assembly was very easy. I started by bending the ruler into the star shape and securing some points together with Ruler Studio Adhesive Foam Dots.  I then wove a Ruler Studio Bulb Strand around the ruler.


I replaced some of the smaller clear bulb caps with some glittery ones for a bit of colour and sparkle.


On some of the others bulbs, I replaced the caps with star lanterns. These DIY Party die cut lanterns come in assorted designs and colours. (I have used a pack of metallic star shapes.) There are full instructions inside the pack but here you can see a step-by-step of how I put them together.


They give off a lovely, gentle glow.


Next, it was time to add some photos. I printed off an Insta snap of each of the occasions he won the trophy…


I added these to my ruler with the help of some Ruler Studio Hanging Clips.


Behind each of the photos is a little story of the game, which I have typed up using my Typecast Typewriter. The Typecast 3×4 cards are easy to type on and come in a mixed pack of colours with a beautiful splash of gold foil on each one. For a bit of extra pizazz, I’ve added a gold Oh Goodie! Star burst sticker.


For the title, I cut out some letters using my Mini Alphabet Punch Board. (I can’t tell you how awesome this tool is. I find myself using it all the time!) To give the blue cardstock a bit of shimmer, I have misted the letters and a star with some Navy and then Gold Lamé Color Shine.


The combination of the gold and navy works so well with the white! I hung the letters for the word ‘star’ onto some Ruler Studio Natural String, using mini gold pegs, which I found at a dollar store. I spelled out the word ‘super’ with some gold foil alphabet stickers, which I stuck directly to the ruler.


You could create this type of project to celebrate any kind of achievement. Now our little champ can see just how proud we are of him!


(If you want to see one of the games where he earned a Player of The Match, forward to about 36 mins in this video and watch him fight off multiple players to score an awesome try.)

Wishing you many hours of happy crafting!





Ruler Studio 12” White

Ruler Studio Bulb Strand

Ruler Studio Adhesive Foam Dots

Ruler Studio Natural String

Ruler Studio Hanging Clips

Oh Goodie Gold Foil Stickers

DIY Party 12×12 cardstock pad

DIY Party Die Cut Lanterns (Metallic Stars)

Typecast Typewriter

Typecast Cards

Typecast Stickers

Sequin Stickers Gold

Mini Alphabet Punch Board

American Crafts Shoebox Gold foil stickers

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