Sudsy Succulents with the SUDS Machine!

Hey friends! Tazhi here with a project using the SUDS Soap Maker! I love the idea of handmade presents and if that’s your jam, you’re totally going to want a SUDS machine of your own. You can find them at JOANN Stores. CLICK HERE to shop online.

Make handmade soap to give to loved ones for the holidays with the SUDS Soapmaker from We R Memory Keepers

The SUDS machine is a pretty novel piece of tech that is really easy to use! You add your soap base to the top canister, turn on the heating element and allow it heat up. This does get very hot and is not a toy, so please keep out of reach of children.

I chose to cut my soap base up into small cubes and then stir it every five minutes or so as it was melting down. Be cautious to not fill the canister past the max fill line so that you don’t have piping hot soap spilling everywhere! 

After your soap has completely melted, you can add your dyes and fragrance. These items are sold separately but I was able to use food coloring and essential oils to tint and add scent to my soap base. I chose to make two soaps with this mixture – a round one and a more fun shape. For the round one, you simply lock the base of your mold into the base of the machine and open the spout. The blue light will turn on to let you know that it’s open so there are no surprises. It’s one of my favorite things about this machine – the lights serve as really good guides for what it’s doing and what step you are up to. Allow your soap to fill the mold to your desired line and then close the valve. Resin molds also make really good soap molds so I chose to make a succulent shaped one to gift to a friend. Allow your soaps to set up overnight and that’s it! Easy as can be. 

We R Memory Keepers Lowercase Word Punch Board

I chose to box up my soaps using gift boxes I made with the We R Memory Keepers Gift Box punch and banners I made using the We R Memory Keepers Word Punch Board. I love that the We R products build on each other and that you end up with a whole library of tools to create handmade and customizable projects and presents! I finished embellishing with a few stickers from Amy Tangerine’s Late Afternoon line and called this project done. 

Make custom gift wrap for the holidays with We R Memory Keepers

And there you have it – easy presents to gift to a loved one to say thanks or just because. I think these would make a great party favor for an event or a quick token to let a friend know you’re thinking about them. You can change the color and scent to suit the person you’re making it for which makes it wholly customizable and isn’t that a treat! Head ot JOANN or CLICK HERE to shop. Enjoy your new soaps!

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