String Art Valentine Frame

I love the challenge of trying to incorporate other crafts into my paper craft projects. It keeps things fun and interesting! String art is a popular form of home decor and all the rage among DIYers right now, so I decided to give it a try with paper and stitches instead of wood and nails.

String Art Valentine Frame by Aly Dosdall

To create this String Art Valentine Frame I trimmed a 4×6 piece of red cardstock for my background. Then I drew a 3 3/8″ x 5 3/8″ border with a pencil on the back of the cardstock. I used an extra heart I had die cut for a previous project as a template and traced it in the middle of the border I drew.

string art 1

Then I used my Sew Easy tool, ruler, and mat to create stitching holes following the border I drew.

string art 2

The heart shape I drew was too small for my Sew Easy, so I used my Piercing Tool to punch stitching holes following the heart shape.

string art 3

Then I used a single strand of Sew Easy white floss to stitch through the holes. I stitched three strands from the border through each hole in the heart (except for the last one which has four). I used tape on the back of the cardstock to hold the ends of the floss strands in place.

String Art Valentine Frame by Aly Dosdall_close

Once I finished the stitching I placed my string art heart in a 4×6 frame I picked up at the dollar store. This makes a great addition to Valentine’s Day decor, or a great gift as well. You could also include a string art heart on a card–it would make a perfect handmade valentine!



Sew Easy Tool
Sew Easy Floss Grey
Sew Easy Piercing Mat
Sew Easy Ruler
Piercing Tool

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