Storage + Organization Tips with Aly & Becki

Welcome to Storage & Organization Week here on the blog friends! We know that keeping that craft stash in check can be a challenge, so we’ve asked our design team to share their best tips and ideas for storing and organizing craft supplies this week. To start us off, Aly Dosdall and Becki Adams will share their favorite ways to keep their craft spaces organized.


“Hi there We R fans! It’s Aly here to share how I keep some of my favorite craft supplies organized and stored. The first tip I’d like to share is that storage doesn’t have to be boring–it can be beautiful and stylish! That’s why I love keeping some of my supplies out and on display with the Crate Paper Craft + Office Storage Collection.”

“Not only can you find pretty storage containers for your goodies, but many of your favorite supplies are filled with pretty colors and patterns. Why not kill two birds with one stone and use them to decorate your office while they’re being stored as well?”

“I love organizing my ribbon and washi tape by color. I think it adds such a pretty touch to my craft space. I’ve had some of these We R washi tape rolls for years and they’re still a go-to supply for me!”

“I also keep my Crop-A-Dile and Corner Chompers in an open bin with the handles facing up. That way I can easily grab the one I need, plus the pretty colored handles are easy on the eyes too!”

“Here’s my second tip for you today: we all occasionally forget what we have in our craft stash, so consider keeping some of your favorite embellishments that you can’t wait to use out on your work surface in a visible container.”

“If you can see them you’re more likely to remember to use them on your next project, plus they sure look cute sitting out there, don’t they? P.S. I know those Oh Goodie Shaped Paper Clips are supposed to be for goodie bags, but I can’t help using them on almost every project!”


Here’s what Becki Adams has to say about craft supply storage:

“When it comes to storage and organization, my best and most useful tip is to keep a Crafter’s Shoulder Bag packed with basic supplies at all times.”

“Yes, I always have a bag of scrappy supplies packed and ready to go. I’ve duplicated a few supplies (scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, and a few sheets of basic colored cardstock). But keeping those supplies in the bag, I never have to do a lot of packing/unpacking which is a huge time saver.”

“By keeping my bag packed, I’ve found that I accomplish so much more when I’m on the go. I create wherever I go; in the park, in the carpool lane, while visiting family, on road trips, and when I go to crops. My Crafter’s Shoulder Bag is one of my most used tools inside and outside of my craft space.”

Thanks for the great tips Aly and Becki! Be sure to come back tomorrow for more storage and organization ideas from Kimberly and Laura. See you then!

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