Storage and Organizational Tips with Aly

Hi We R fans! It’s Aly again today. I recently did a major craft room clean out and made some changes to my space. If you’d like to read all about it you can find my four-part Craft Room Clean Out series on my blog HERE. After years of doing these “clean outs” on a regular basis I’ve discovered a few storage and organizational tips that have helped save me time so that I can find what I’m looking for in my craft room and enjoy more time actually crafting (isn’t that what we all want??). I’ve also come up with some fun ways to store and display my favorite goodies, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks with you. Let’s start with some time savers first, and then I’ll share some creative stuff.

In my post on Tuesday I mentioned that I like to keep my go-to tools close to my workspace so they’re at my fingertips. Here’s the tool caddy I keep on my work surface with all the adhesives and tools that I use most commonly so I can grab them easily. I go through this and swap out items as my crafting habits change so that I’ve only got what I really need in here.


Not only do I keep my most used tools handy, but I also have another caddy where I keep my current favorite embellishments so I can grab this and keep it near me while I’m creating. I also swap items in this caddy as my go-to embellishment choices change.


Another time saving tip is to store your supplies according to your creative process. When you create, if you gather items by color then store them that way. If you prefer to create using kits or collections, then store your items by manufacturer and collection or kit. If you like to create themed projects, store your supplies by themes. Make sense?

super stashbuster promo 2

Another great way to store items is by activity. Keep all your die cutting and/or embossing tools together; store all your journaling supplies together; place your stamps and ink pads in the same area.


For pocket scrapbooking I keep my journaling cards and divided photo sleeves in the We R Memory Keepers Card Drawers and Sleeve Shelves.


I use the tabbed dividers that come with the drawers and use my label maker to mark all my journaling card collections.

card drawer 2

card drawer 1

I use my File Tab Punch and Stickers to organize my photo sleeves, labeling the different pocket configurations so I know exactly where everything is. I simply place the tab and sticker on the top sleeve of each category and it comes right off if I need to use that sleeve at some point.

sleeve shelves

Now, on to some creative storage and display ideas! My favorite part! I store my favorite rolls of washi tape on the We R Memory Keepers Shutter Memo Holder. I simple bent open some paper clips to create S hooks, and then used my Tab Punch to display a sample of the pattern on each roll. It’s practical and doubles as a cute piece of decor. See what you can find that stores your supplies nicely and can act as a piece of decor in your space. Antique and thrift stores are great places to browse for ideas.


And finally, I have a small decorative shelf in one corner of my craft room that is simply there to show off some of my favorite projects. I love to change things up and swap projects out on that shelf. I’ll often include seasonal or holiday projects. Here are a few peeks at different displays.


Folded Butterfly Garland by Aly Dosdall

Paper Gem Garland by Aly Dosdall


Don’t be shy about displaying your favorite projects in your space. Not only will you get to show off your creativity, but your space will feel more like yours with your unique signature on it.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our final Craft Space Week post, and then stop by on Saturday for our awesome National Scrapbook Day blog hop!

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