How To Make Your Own Soap

Hi Friends!

Jerodelle here! I am happy to be back on the blog! I have something so fun to share with you today!

As you know January is typically a cold month and we need to take care of ourselves whether it be mentally or physically. Getting creative is a form of self-care for me because it makes me feel good when I make something.

Today I have these star soaps that I made myself with both the Mold Press and the SUDS Soap Maker. It was so easy and fun to make these! Let me tell you how I did it!

I first cut out star foam shapes on my cutting machine. You can actually buy foam shapes at your local craft store and create soaps with whatever shape you decide! I have also made resin pieces that way!

I created a mold out of the star shape. I actually created two separate molds so create the soaps you see on the photo.

I then melted soap in the suds soap maker and pour it in each mold I created with the Mold Press.

Once in the mold I added a drop of color in the melted soap mixture and created swirls with a stick to create a marbled effect. The soap I melted is already white so it worked out perfectly.

I then added a drop of fragrance and let it dry overnight, took them out of the mold and ta-da! These would also be the perfect gift for someone you know who may need some pampering! Have you made your own soaps before? With the Mold Press you can create ANY shape of soap you desire!

Supplies used: Mold Press – 661033, Mold Press Powder Mold Release – 661361, Mold Press Plastic Sheets ( 40 pack ) – 661358, Mold Press Plastic Sheets ( 6 pack ) – 661357, Heat Resistant gloves – 661368, Suds Soap Maker – 661440, White Soap – 661439

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