Spring Vases with the Spin It Pro

Creating cool tumblers, glasses, vases, jars… with the New Spin It Pro tool, is AMAZING!!! I love how it works and how you get a lot more control with this new tool… Read on to see what I came up with for Spring.

For this little project, I absolutely wanted some pastel and happy spring colors. I also had the idea to create an ombré effect, using white holographic glitter on the top of the vases. And to make the whole thing even cuter, I wanted to add some butterflies.

I started by choosing the glitters I wanted to use. The peach one, is called Peach Bellini, the pink one is Cherry Blossom, the green one is Spring Green and the white one is Unicorn. I love the colors!!!

I always start by putting the product I want to customize on the Spin It Tool (shop all things Spin It at Michaels Stores) and putting a thin layer of tacky glue onto it. With the new Pro tool, the product is held securely and stays put in a horizontal way.

It’s really easy to get an even coat when the tool is turning. I usually let the glue dry for an hour for it to become absolutely transparent. If your glue is still white and not dry, it’ll never dry and never turn transparent after you’ve put on the resin.

When the glue is totally dry, I put on the resin. What makes the whole process very easy and fast, is a little tool that I create myself, using two ice pop sticks and gluing them together in the shape of the letter T. I use it to apply the resin evenly, holding it vertically (the part I’m holding, looks up) over the glass/tumbler. I pour the resin “behind” the stick tool and that way, I can immediately catch the resin, without letting it drip.

I always put on a pretty thick layer, so that I don’t have to do the process twice… 😉

Then I let it dry for 24 hours. You can turn off the Spin It after 4 hours.

To make my little vases even more adorable, I cut out some butterflies from Amy Tan’s new collection Brave and Bold. I love the colors and they were perfect for this project.

I then took some photos with flowers and I think my vases look amazing! 🙂 I showed them to my mom, and of course… she wants one, haha! 🙂

I hope you are inspired to create some springy crafts with the Spin It Pro tool.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you very soon!

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