Spin It Tool – Fall Tumbler – Lisa Fonseca

Hi creative friends,

it’s Lisa on the blog today and I’m sharing a super cute fall tumbler you can easily create with the WRMK Spin It Tool now available at JOANN Stores. With this tumbler, cold fall mornings will be a lot warmer and sweeter… 🙂

This is the third tumbler I created and I have to say, I’m really starting to get the hang of it. It was a lot easier this time, as I knew exactly how to do it.

So to start, I put my tumbler on the Spin It Tool. I used my usual tacky glue and a flat brush to coat the entire surface, while the tool was spinning on medium speed. Make sure to use a thin layer of glue, so that it won’t start to run or drip and to make sure it’ll dry quickly. Then I used three different glitters. A white holographic one, a pink one and a red one. I coated the entire tumbler with the glitter, trying to create an ombre look.

When the glue was dry, I mixed the two components of the resin, using the same amount of each of them. Then I mixed it thoroughly. I switched on the Spin It Tool, so that the tumbler was in movement and I started pouring my resin on the tumbler, using an ice cream stick to spread it.

Here are a few tips and tricks, when pouring the resin.

– The tumbler should be spinning at high speed, so that the resin doesn’t have time to run or drip.

– I adhered an ice cream stick horizontally to the tip of another stick. That way, I was able to use the whole length of the stick and lay it flat on the tumbler. This gives you the possibility to work fast and precise and to have a least a bit of control of where the resin is going.

– Let the resin dry while the tool is still running on high speed for at least two to three hours. Then, take a look at your tumbler and check if there are still spots that need to be fixed. Let the tool run for at least 4 hours, before switching it off. If the first round isn’t perfect, you can still add a second coat of resin, when the first one is dry.

To make my tumbler super cute, I added a fox face and a sentiment with colored vinyl. I really love how adorable it turned out.

There are a ton of glitters from WRMK you can buy to add to your custom tumblers. They’re all so pretty!!! Now I have a tumbler for fall, and I already have made one for Halloween and one for Winter… I’m sure I’ll get through the cold seasons just fine! 🙂

I hope you are inspired to create your own tumbler,

see you soon,

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