Soap for Earth Day with the SUDS Soapmaker

Hi, friends! It’s Yui. I want to share my new project for earth day. I made earth-like blue and green marble soaps and a wood-shaped soap. I want my children to think about the earth every time they see this soaps.

I will show you how to make it. Have you tried to use the SUDS soap maker? It’s so easy and fun!! It’s available at JOANN Stores here:

First, I added soap base to the top canister and turned on the heating element. I think it’s better to cut the soap into small pieces, because it can be melted faster. After a few minitues, I checked and stir it. After soap has completely melted, we can add dyes and fragrance, then pour into a mold.

First,I made a wood-shaped soap. I used silicone mold insert-wood grain from we R memory keepers. Only set it in the mold, we can add textures to our candle easily. To make brown soap, I mixed orange, blue and red dyes. It was fun process for me!! Now that I had my favorite color, I added the scent of wood. Then open spout and pour into the mold. All you have to do is wait an hour or two until it hardens.

Next, for earth-like soaps, I melted soaps and divided a little to a paper cup. I added blue dye to the top canister and green dye to the paper cup. Then it’s important to wait until soaps are little thick. If you mix it without waiting, the color will be mixed. If you wait too long and it gets hard, you can melt again with the soapmaker. 

I poured blue soap into the mold and green soap too. Then, mix thoroughly from the bottom of the mold. I wonder if the green was a little too solid…

When it hardens, remove it from the mold and cut it! Its a surprise until you cut it what the pattern looks like!

I want to make a dimension, so I traced around the part of green with a toothpick. Does it look like the earth?

Thank you for stopping by! SUDS soap maker is easy and fun, right? Enjoy your original soaps! And Happy earthday!!

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