Snap Storage: Easy and Versatile Solution

Hey there, Aimee Maddern sharing how I incorporated the SNAP Storage into my scrap space. I recently redid my scrap/office space on a whim. I live in a small 2-bedroom house and I needed my extra bedroom back. This creates a problem for me since I also work from home and need that extra bedroom as a home office/scrap space. So I had 3 main focuses 1. Desk 2. Workspace 3. Futon {for sleeping}.

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 1

I was pretty much done with the redo {but really is it every finished?} when I received the SNAP Storage from We R. I thought this is really awesome, but I have one whole wall of pegboard already hung, and the other wall I had hung supplies amongst memorabilia gallery style. So I had to get clever. I ended up hanging The SNAP Storage amongst my other supplies on the gallery wall.

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 2

You can see I hung three SNAP Storage bars. One on either side of my old Making Memories Cabinet. And one under an old Tape cassette holder that I found thrifting and now use for stamp pads. I mixed the different size washi clips and ribbon clips to hold the different size washi rolls.

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 3

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 4

Since I have WAY more washi than pictured, I just picked my favorite ones to display, but they are also super easy to access when I need to use them.

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 5

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 6

I think my Favorite part of the SNAP Storage is the storage bottle clips. I could see having a whole wall lined with these. And of course the We R Twine fits perfectly in the large ribbon clips amongst the storage bottle clips.

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 7

Now please be kind, and keep in mind that this is a very small narrow room {and incredibly hard for an amateur to photograph}, that I needed to use for 3 different things, and I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!

SNAP Storage by Aimee Maddern 8

Thanks for stopping by the blog today; I hope you enjoyed how I used the SNAP Storage in my workspace. How do you store/display your washi/twine/embellishments?

Supplies Used:

SNAP Storage Collection
SNAP Storage Starter Kit
SNAP Storage Bars
SNAP Storage Bottle Clips
SNAP Storage Ribbon Clips
SNAP Storage Washi Clips

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