Sew Easy Template Project

I love the look of hand stitching on cards and scrapbook pages but sometimes I’m a little hesitant to try because I’m worried it won’t look as neat as I’d like it to. I was so excited when I saw the new Sew Easy Templates though, because I knew that I could use the templates and my hand stitching would turn out beautifully.

We R Sew Easy Template Card by Aly Dosdall

Check out this card I made using the Script and Flourish templates. I love the look of the hand stitching, and the designs turned out nice and neat thanks to the templates.

We R Sew Easy Template Card by Aly Dosdall close

Watch the video below to see how I made this card and to learn some tips and tricks for using the new Sew Easy Templates.




Sew Easy Templates–Script, Flourish
Sew Easy Floss–Pink, Yellow, Green
Sew Easy Piercing Mat
Sew Easy Needles
A2 Fold White Letterpress Paper
Teal Green Letterpress Ink
L Letterpress
Farmer’s Market Paper
Sew Easy Baker’s Twine–Pink
Aqua Brads

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