School Work Display Wall

Heading back to school can be such an exciting and fun time with shopping for supplies and new clothes, and meeting new friends and teachers. But it also can be a time for refocusing on organization with all the school papers and art work that come home. This simple display wall is a perfect way to keep all those papers organized that also allows your child/grandchild to feel the pride of displaying their work.

School Work Display Wall by Aly Dosdall

First I selected a long wall in our basement in the family room where the kids hang out often (not many windows down there, thus the funky lighting in the photos). Then I picked up a 1″ x 4″ wood beam from my local hardware store that fit the length of the wall where I wanted to install it. I gathered some wooden clothes pins and glued them to the beam with carpenter’s glue about 18″ apart. Then my dear hubby painted the whole thing using the same paint we used for our trim. Once the whole thing dried, he screwed the beam into the wall and then spackled and painted over the flathead screws.

School Work Display Wall by Aly Dosdall 2

Now it was my turn to take a crack at it and get creative! I covered the clothespins with some of my favorite Washi Tape colors–the smaller rolls fit perfectly over them. I also added some coordinating Enamel Shapes at the top for a little more visual interest.

School Work Display Wall by Aly Dosdall_close

Our kids love to come home and hang up their favorite school assignments and artwork, and we all love to see them on display! Once they’ve been hanging up for a while and the kids are ready to replace them, I take a photo of them and then we say goodbye and toss them in the trash. Of course, each school year I keep three or four samples of their work in an accordion file folder so they’ll have something to look back on from their school years. 

How do you like to organize school papers and artwork?



Washi Tape–Coral, Sea Foam, Butter
Enamel Shapes–Warm, Cool



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