Ruler Studio Halloween Decor

Hello everyone! Eva Pizarro here today showing a step by step tutorial to create this Halloween Decor using the Mini Piñata Halloween kit and your favorite folded ruler from the Ruler Studio collection.


Begin by decorating your piñata: seal the opening on the bottom shut, and create an opening at the top with your craft knife.


Use the fringe tape and the face stickers from the kit to embellish your piñata.


Use your Power Punch to make holes in the eyes and mouth of your piñata, so when you put the light inside the face will glow.


Use washi tape to decorate your Ruler Studio. I love to use washi tape for this kind of project, because I can easily change color or remove the washi tape if I need to reuse the ruler.


Use foam dots to hold your Ruler in place and to attach your embellishments and your piñata. Put some lights around your star and remember to put one or two lights inside your piñata too! (I used the two pull string holes that the piñata already has in the bottom.)


Fill your piñata with candy, small toys, or lollipops (like I did).


You could hang this decor on your front door and leave small treats for the kids on your block, or also use it inside your house for your family and friends.


I think my neighbors are going to love the decor and the lollipops! Do you decorate your front door for Halloween? How long do you think the candies will last?


Have a great day!



Ruler Studio Folded Ruler

Ruler Studio Foam Dots

Ruler Studio Light Strand

Mini Piñata Halloween Kit

Washi Tape Dispenser

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