Pillow Box Utensil Holder

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love to find multiple uses for my crafting tools! It makes me feel like I’m getting a little extra bang for my buck. And if you can get more bang for your buck during the holiday season, even better. Here’s a great way to use your Pillow Box Punch Board this season–create a Thanksgiving utensil holder!

Pillow Box Utensil Holder by Aly Dosdall

To make a Pillow Box Utensil Holder trim your paper according to the guide on the punch board to fit the size of your utensils (longer boxes for longer utensils, shorter for shorter). Punch and score the bottom end of the pillow box as instructed on the board, and then punch and score the top of the box as shown in the photo below, leaving the middle panel unscored. That will be the back of your utensil holder.

utensil holder 1

Next, use the score lines on the top of the box as guides to trim off what would end up being the front flap, as seen in the photo below. Once assembled, this will be the front of your utensil holder.

utensil holder 2

utensil holder 3

Fold over the small right panel and place some adhesive on it (I recommend hot glue). Then fold over the larger left panel and adhere the two panels together. Fold up the bottom flaps and embellish your utensil holder as desired.

Pillow Box Utensil Holder by Aly Dosdall 2

I added some die cut feathers, an embossed sticker, some cotton twine, and some enamel shapes. Though I chose not to, you could also add a sentiment or the name of the guest you’d like to sit in that seat–perfect place card.

Pillow Box Utensil Holder by Aly Dosdall 1

While my utensil holder is Thanksgiving themed, you can make them for any holiday or occasion–Christmas, birthdays, showers, etc. Just swap out themed papers and embellishments to fit your needs.



Pillow Box Punch Board
Feather Shape Die
Evolution Advanced
Shine Aztec 12×12 Patterned Paper
Shine 6×6 Paper Pad
Shine Embossed Stickers
Enamel Shapes–Neutral

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