Paper Valentine Blooms with the Button Press

Hi friends! Its Kylie back with you today and I have a really fun project to share featuring the Button Press. One of my most favourite things to make are paper flowers! With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought it would be fun to create some jumbo blooms for sharing with my loved ones. I hadn’t as yet used the large sized buttons so thought this would be the perfect project to use them! There are three size buttons that work with the Button Press and you can also find the Button Press kits at Joann Stores.

To complete these flowers you will need a minimal supply list! I’ve used my Button Press kit , glue, hot glue, scissors, your favourite paper (approximately 2-3 sheets), a paper straw and ribbon. You will need to cut two different sized hearts for this project. I have used some heart dies from my craft stash but you can easily download free heart templates online. As a guide the large heart I used measured 3.5″ high and the smaller heart measured 2.5″ high, but you can make your flowers any size you like.

To begin you will need to cut 8 large hearts and 8 smaller hearts. I’ve used contrasting papers for each layer. Next, each heart needs to be folded neatly in half to form a ‘petal’. I added a small drop of glue to the bottom of the heart to keep the sides together at the base but the top remains open.

Glue each larger petal around a punched circle of card stock (approximately 2″ circle was used for mine), follow by layering the smaller petals on top in the same manner. Your flower should resemble a 4 leaf clover shape.

Attach the white cutting inserts into the top and bottom housing of the Button press. Use the window of the cutting die to centre your paper design for the button, place in the button press and press down to cut. It will make a small ‘click’ sound as it cuts your design! Remove both cutting inserts and attach both the top and bottom inserts for the size button you are using. (I used the large so the inserts are the darker teal/green) Rotate both inserts to ‘A’ aligning with the arrows on the housing.

Place the button upright in the bottom housing, followed by the cut paper design, using the pin lines as a guide to make sure it’s straight. Place a piece of Mylar over the paper, swivel the bottom housing into place under the upper housing and press. Swivel the bottom housing back out and you will see the button stays up inside the machine! Rotate both inserts to position ‘B’. I removed the pin from the backing as I did not need it for this project, but place the backing, ‘with the outside’ facing down. If you were to keep the pin in the backing, you would make sure to align it parallel to the pin lines. Swivel the base back to under the top housing and press. Viola! One beautiful button!

I adhered the button to the centre of my bloom using adhesive foam dots. To finish my flowers I free hand cut some large leaves and adhered them to the back of my flower with a straw stem. I used hot glue to do this as it is instant and very strong but a strong liquid dry glue would be fine also. All that is needed now is a ribbon bow!

So that you can see clearly how my blooms came together here is a short video tutorial-

These would be lovely sent with an attached gift card or wrapped in tissue paper. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Valentines project today and it gives you a little inspiration. Until next time, happy crafting!

Tools used: Button Press.

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