Make a Paper Frame

Hello friends! I’m Ceci Bisarello and today I bring you a very fun idea to decorate: A Paper Frame. These are very easy and they look amazing!

Let’s get started!

Use 12×12″ paper and with the All in One Tool score it at 3/4″ , 1-1/2″ , 2-1/4″ and 3″ on all 4 sides of the sheet of peper.

With the EK Tools precision scissors cut the squares at the ends, leaving the last inner square, these will be our firsts tabs.

Score at 3/4″ from each side, and trim to create the following tabs.

Fold all the score lines and in the last fold and glue to close each side of the frame

Decorate your frame! the most beautiful moment, fill it with color and joy. I used the Stickes, Puffy and Alphabet from the Obed Marshall SPECIAL collection.

Ready! There they are! Some cute frames to decorate any part of the house.

I hope you liked it, see you next time!

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