Paper Feather Wreath

I’ve been busy this month decorating the inside of our house for fall. I’ve got a garland, some twig arrangements, and a few framed pieces so now all I need is a lovely wreath. Guess what my final project is for this week featuring the Shine collection? You got it! It’s a Paper Feather Wreath. Check it out.

Paper Feather Wreath by Aly Dosdall

Paper Feather Wreath by Aly Dosdall_close

Since I created this wreath specifically for indoors I decided to keep the wreath base simple. I cut an 11″ circle out of poster board with the Magnetic Circle Cutter and then cut an 8″ circle from the center. Then I repeated those steps with a piece of goldenrod patterned paper to cover the poster board.

wreath base circle cutter

Designer tip: if you’d like to make this wreath for your front porch, use a sturdier base such as grapevine or straw and spray the paper feathers with decoupage sealant.

Next, I cut about sixty 6″ paper feathers from various Shine patterned papers using my electronic die cutting machine. I selected 7 different papers–two multi-color patterns, and the rest tonal/semi-solid patterns. To maintain a sense of unity in the project I cut all my feathers the same shape and size, but used different colors and patterns. I started by creating an outer layer on the wreath base with the feathers slightly overlapped and all facing the same direction.

first feather layer

Then I added a middle layer and an inner layer, slightly offsetting each one so that none of the feathers lined up evenly. After creating the three layers I used the remaining feathers to fill in “bald” spots and to add more layers for extra fullness. I finished the wreath by adding a burlap ribbon bow at the top.

Paper Feather Wreath by Aly Dosdall_1

I created this project as a piece of fall decor, but you could use different colors and patterns for any theme or occasion. Well, this brings us to the end of our week celebrating the lovely new Shine collection. I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration. Next week will be all about Halloween so be sure to stop by for plenty of spooky project ideas!



Shine 12×12 Paper Pad
Magnetic Circle Cutter
Tri-Fold Magnetic Mat

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