Organization Tips with Aly & Kimberly

Happy Friday We R friends! It’s Kimberly and Aly here to close off Organization Week. We’ve got a few tips to share with you for storing your favorite We R supplies. Aly starts things off with some DIY Party and Punch Board storage. Check it out!


I’m a big fan of including baskets in any space. I love the organic feel and texture they add. I have a ton of baskets of various sizes, styles, and colors in my craft room so I use them to store some of my We R tools and collections.  First off, this rectangular basket is the perfect size to fit my DIY Party Honeycomb Paper Pads, honeycomb accessories, and jumbo balloons.

We R Memory Keepers DIY Party Honeycomb Pad Storage by Aly Dosdall

The large pads fit horizontally, and the small pads, accessories, and balloons fit vertically. I keep the pads in their packaging so they don’t get ripped or folded.

We R Memory Keepers DIY Party Honeycomb Pad Storage by Aly Dosdall_close

I love my set of oval Nate Berkus baskets from Target that I’ve had for forever. They’re perfect for storing punches and smaller tools.

We R Memory Keepers DIY Party Punch Storage by Aly Dosdall

They fit all of my DIY Party Punches perfectly, plus I can stack them on top of each other to save space in my craft room.

We R Memory Keepers DIY Party Punch Storage by Aly Dosdall_close

Finally, I’ve got all of my Punch Boards stored in a sturdy, large fabric basket. Most of them fit perfectly when standing up vertically, except the the Fringe and Score Board which fits  laying on its side. My instruction booklets are tucked along the side next to the Fringe and Score Board.

We R Memory Keepers Punch Board Storage by Aly Dosdall

Storing my punch boards has been a bit of a challenge in the past, but I’ve been pretty happy with this arrangement. It works really well for me.

We R Memory Keepers Punch Board Storage by Aly Dosdall_close


Hello We R fans! Kimberly Crawford here, packing to get ready for a vacation! Vacation is the best time to pack a few crafting supplies. I am looking forward to relaxing in the evenings with layouts, cards, and new techniques I cannot wait to try! As I was getting ready for my trip, my new We R Memory Keepers Crafter’s Shoulder Bag was the perfect solution for carrying all my fun stuff!

shoulder travel bag Kimberly Crawford for We R Memory Keepers

The front of the bag has a smaller zipped pouch, meant for holding small tools like you see here.

shoulder travel bag 2 Kimberly Crawford

When you unzip the main part of the bag, it opens completely, at this 90 degree angle. Look at all the room!

shoulder travel bag 3 Kimberly Crawford

My We R Memory Keepers Trim & Score Board fit on the inside. The board folds in half and all the tools stow away nicely inside of it.

shoulder travel bag 4 Kimberly Crawford

There are several plastic dividers in one half of the bag. My We R Memory Keepers 1-2-3 Punch Board fit inside.

shoulder travel bag 5 Kimberly Crawford

In the dividers, I was also able to put card stock, patterned paper, photos, watercolor paper, and my watercolor palettes!

shoulder travel bag 6 Kimberly Crawford

The other side of the bag has mesh pockets. These pockets hold stickers, glues, adhesives, ephemera, and the tall pocket was a great place for my ruler.

shoulder travel bag 7 Kimberly Crawford

What supplies will you pack for your next vacation?



Crafter’s Shoulder Bag
Trim & Score Board
1-2-3 Punch Board
Honey I’m Home Collection

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