Ocean Tumbler with Jerodelle Trinidad

Happy Earth Day My Friends!

Jerodelle Here! I am so so thrilled to share with you a project I am obsessed with!

I have been trying to be more conscious with what I use everyday and I created this fun tumbler using the brand new and improved Spin-It Pro to use and reuse everyday! Shop supplies for this project at Michaels Stores here: https://www.michaels.com/specialty/spin-it/30198191318

There will be a video tutorial on WeRMemoryKeepers YouTube Channel! But here are the steps on how I created it!

  1. With the tumbler on the Spin-It Pro coat your tumbler with glue – I used Mod Podge
  2. sprinkle the glitter where you would like it to be ( This does not have to be perfect, it’s just for the base)
  3. Let dry for about 30 minutes to an hour

4. Turn on Spin-It Pro coat cup with clear epoxy resin

5. Pour epoxy resin in 4 different cups and pour one color glitter per cup.

6. While the tumbler is spinning, start adding your glitter and epoxy mixture directly on the cup. You should be able to see where to pour each color from the base we created earlier.

7. Put your index finger where two of the colors meet to blend. Touch lightly and let tumbler spin while you are blending the two colors. Repeat this step for each color.

8. Mix the white pigment with clear epoxy resin. You don’t need a lot. While the cup still spinning, pour a little bit where you would like to see “waves” throughout your tumbler.

9. For more waves, you may also directly drop drops of the white pigment directly unto the cup and use your WeRMemoryKeepers Heat gun to move it across where you want it.

10. Leave the Spin-It Pro on for at least 24 hours and you are done!

I hope you give it a try! and create more tumblers and/or another projects using the Spin-It Pro!

Products used – Heat Gun – 661093, Spin-It Pro – 661054, Blue Extra Fine Glitter – 660612, Sawdust – 661063, Mermaird Fine Glitter – 661117, Color Pour Opaque Dye in Snow

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