New Releases: DIY Mini Piñata Kits

Hello We R fans! We’re so excited to share some more new releases with you today! These new releases are part of our DIY Party collection, and are an addition to our Mini Piñatas. Introducing our DIY Mini Piñata Kits!


With four different kits available, you’ll have everything you need to create personalized favors and decor for your holiday celebrations. Choose from Candy Corn, Pumpkin, Christmas Tree or Snowman.

WR_Halloween_Holiday_Pinatas_Halloween 1

WR_Halloween_Holiday_Pinatas_Christmas 2

Each kit contains everything you need to make 3 unique pinatas: pinatas, fringe tape and stickers.


You can customize them for décor, place settings, or party favors. Plus, they’re a perfect party activity for kids 6 and up.


These fun kits just released today, so watch for them in stores and online in the coming weeks!

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