New Release: Triangle Score Guide

@WeRMemoryKeepers Summer Showcase and New Release Schedule 2014

Geometric shapes are all the rage…We’re seeing them on paper patterns, fabric and home decor. The problem is, those pesky little shapes can be a bit difficult to create in 3D with paper. Today, we’re announcing the release of a tool that’s going to make trendy geometric paper crafts a bunch easier. Check out the new Triangle Score Guide (MSRP $9.99), which is scheduled to begin shipping to retailers in September 2014.

@WeRMemoryKeeper Triangle Score Guide tool. Shipping to retailers in Sept. 2014

It doesn’t look like much, but this little guide (which works great with the Trim and Score Board) will help you create up to 20 different sized paper gems in five different geometric shapes. Interested in a little more detail on how this bad boy works? Check out our demonstration video…


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