New Release: Elegant Font Punches

Great news friends! Today and tomorrow we’ll be sharing some more exciting new releases with you. Yes, it’s that time of year so…are you ready? Alrighty then, here we go!

The first new release is our collection of Elegant Font Punches designed to work together with the Alphabet Punch Board (sold separately).


These punches come in several designs that can be combined together on your Alphabet Punch Board projects to create custom decorative fonts. Choose from the  Serif Punch, the Decorative Punch, or the Marquee Punch.662961_WeR_FontPunches_Elegant_SerifPunch

WR_Punches_AlphabetPunchBoard_Styled_ABC3 662962_WeR_MiniAlphabetPunchBoard_InPackage1600WR_Punches_AlphabetPunchBoard_Styled_ABC2 662963_WeR_FontPunches_Elegant_MarqueePunchWR_Punches_AlphabetPunchBoard_Styled_ABC

These punches are available on the Home Shopping Network and have already shipped to additional retailers so watch for them in the coming weeks! Come back tomorrow for another awesome new release!

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