New Collections for We R

Look for six new collections over the next six months from We R. Each collection includes Journaling Cards that are perfect for the Albums Made Easy system.

Inked Rose

An artist’s pallet is filled with an array of colors and brushes to help turn a blank canvas into something spectacular. Turn your next crafting project into something spectacular with the latest Inked Rose collection. This collection is filled with fresh colors such as mint green, rose pink, sunshine yellow, poppy orange, navy blue, and a touch of gray. Inked Rose is full of classic patterns and images such as roses, stripes, and butterflies with a brush stroke of modern flare, in addition to watercolor and paint splattered papers. You’ll love the hand-painted lettered words and phrases in both English and Spanish, making Inked Rose the perfect artistic companion for all things creative. Inked Rose combines a variety of styles and patterns and takes an artistic approach to mixing them all together into something lovely. The Inked Rose collection will start blooming in March.


Sheer Metallic

Metallic is all the rage in the fashion world. You’ll find it integrated into makeup, jewelry, and in the closets of trend-forward dressers. The metallic trend can also be found in We R Memory Keepers latest collection appropriated named Sheer Metallic. This collection incorporates simple designs such as hearts, polka dots, stripes, words, arrows, and more, all patterns ideal for layering on any project. This collection is different from other collections We R Memory Keepers has done in the past. Look for papers that are printed with metallic ink on vellum paper, including vellum cards to be used with the Albums Made Easy system, and metallic printed wooden tags. Sheer Metallic mixes gold, silver, and copper adding just the right amount of sparkle. Look for Sheer Metallic to make its debut this February.


Game Day (2)

Get the good old feeling of being at the ballpark and hearing a grand slam, with a hot dog and drink in hand. Whether you played sports or cheered by the sidelines, the new Game Day collection is a home run. Game Day has everything a sport fanatic needs for whatever sport is played. Look for icons perfect for soccer, basketball, baseball, and football, in addition to generic icons such as scorecards, numbers, pennants, football fields, gym floors, playbooks, and more. This collection includes an array of subdued primary colors to match every sports team, from little league all the way up to the all-stars. Game Day collection mixes colorful and fun to help the photos – the real stars – stand out and get their proper recognition. Get into your starting position, because the Game Day collection is set to ship this month.














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