Modern Jewelry with the Mold Press

Hey there crafters! Aly Dosdall here to share a fun fall project I made recently with one of my favorite tools, the Mold Press. I’ve seen some really cool, modern cement pendant necklaces around the interwebs recently and I wanted to replicate the look, and the Mold Press was definitely the way to go. This is one of three holiday projects I taught in a recent FREE online Michaels class, which you can watch HERE.

Make your own modern jewelry with the Mold Press by We R Memory Keepers

To make the mold I used some wooden geometric shapes from a tangram math puzzle that my daughter is too old to use now. I drilled a 1/8″ hole in four of the wooden shapes, then I created a mold with them using the Mold Press.

Make your own modern jewelry with the Mold Press by We R Memory Keepers

Since these objects are pretty thin (less than 1/4 inch tall) I picked up a few helpful tips that I wanted to share with you:

-Always allow your machine to heat up for 10 minutes before placing the plastic sheet in the frame
-When molding thin objects less than 1/2 inch tall, heat your plastic for a shorter amount of time (1 min 30 sec)
-When molding objects taller than 1/2 inch tall, heat your plastic for 2 minutes
-Overheating the plastic is the most common cause of webbing, so time yourself carefully
-If you need to perfect the shape of your mold, use a heat gun while the vacuum is on to soften the plastic so you can fully form the mold over your object

Once I created my mold, I painted it with the Liquid Mold Release and a medium paintbrush. I layered four coats, allowing the mold release to dry for 10-15 minutes in between each coat. That way your cement shapes will easily come out of the mold.

I mixed up some white outdoor cement according to the manufacturer instructions, poured it into the molds, and allowed it to dry completely. Once dry, I used washi tape to mark diagonal lines on my shapes, and painted part of the cement shapes with metallic rose gold acrylic paint. I drilled holes in the area marked by the holes in the wooden shapes with a mason drill bit, and then I added rose gold chains and jump rings. I’m in love with the results!

These modern cement pendant necklaces would make great host gifts for the holidays! Just be sure to keep one for yourself.

Check out the Mold Press at your local Michaels Stores, or shop on their website HERE. Thanks for stopping by, and happy fall crafting!

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