Make Beautiful Valentine’s Day Decor

Hello We R Fans! Soraya here today to show you how I used the new Petal Papers by DCWV available now at Joann Stores and some famous We R Memory Keepers tools to create a romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s day!

To create giant flowers, you will need 12×12 Petal Paper sheets by DCWV, wood pins, USB Glue Gun, Circle Spin & Trim and Supreme Ruler. First, take off the stretch by stretching them to the maximum on the top of each sheet. You will already get the petal shape ! Repeat the process for the 9 sheets.

Now fold the bottom of every sheet as if you were making a fan and hold the folds with a wood pin.

Use your hot glue gun to glue all the folds together (recto and verso).

Once you’re done with it, you can assemble the giant flower !

To create the fluffy center of the flowers, grab your Circle Spin & Trim and cut a big white circle (6 inch of diameter).

With your Supreme Ruler, trace little squares on the soft pink petal paper (2 inch.) and cut them out with your scissors.

To create the fluffy center :

  1. Take a 2 inch square between your fingers
  2. Wrap the square around your thumb
  3. Add a little bit of glue
  4. Stick it on the circle and make the paper fluffier

Fill the white circle until it’s completely fluffy and voilĂ  ! You will only need to glue this in the center of the giant flower.

To make a fun garland full of sweet hearts, use the Heart Punch on pink and hot pink cardstock + light purple petal paper ! Glue each heart on an ivory ribbon leaving a space between each heart.

And here is the final set up for this handmade Valentine’s Day decor featuring giant flowers and infinite heart garlands !

I hope you had fun joining me today ! Have a lovely Valentine’s day everyone !


Supplies :

Petal Paper by DCWV

Hot Glue Gun

Supreme Ruler

Circle Spin & Trim

Heart Punch

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