Make a Plant Pot with the Spin It Pro

As I patiently await Spring and warmer skies here in the Southern, US, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a plant pot with the Spin-It Pro. This is the time of year when I dream about all the new plants that I want to adorn my home with. A bright, fun-colored pot is the perfect addition to these plants.

Start with a wiped down or spray-painted small, succulent size plant pot. The base color of the pot will still be visible once completed. Tools I used include the Spin-it Pro, We R Memory Keepers Epoxy Kit, We R Memory Keepers Mica Powders, wooden stir sticks, acrylic paint, and measuring cups. For safety, I also used gloves, safety glasses, a mask, and I worked in a well-ventilated area. Please remember to follow all safety precautions and protocols in your epoxy directions when using and handling epoxy.

To place the pot on the Spin It Pro, squeeze the spring arms together and push your pot onto them. Then cover your area to protect from epoxy drips. Pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B of the epoxy into separate cups. I poured 1.5 oz of Part A into a cup and 1.5 oz of part B into its own cup. I used this amount due to it being a smaller plant pot. Be sure to use enough for the size of your receptacle. Next, combine the two parts and stir slowly for two minutes. This should create 3 oz of epoxy.

Now turn your spinner on a lower setting to apply the epoxy to your plant pot. You can apply your epoxy by hand or with a wooden stir stick. Place a smooth even layer of epoxy over your pot.

Let the pot continue to spin while you mix the epoxy colors. Now grab your smaller cups to create your colors. To achieve my colors, I used pink acrylic paint, blue mica powder, and purple mica powder.

Pour equal parts of your mixed epoxy into your cups. I poured about .5 oz into each cup. Remember, not to use too much of each colorant because you do not want to change the chemistry of the epoxy too much. It should still be able to completely dry when you are done.

To make my pink epoxy, I added about 1 drop of acrylic paint to the cup and stirred. For the mica powders, add a little at a time until you get your preferred colors. You can use the small white spoon that comes with the We R Memory Keepers Mica Powder set to add a tiny bit at a time or popsicle sticks. Slowly mix in your Mica powder until you get your colors.

Now it is time to add the epoxy colors to your pot. Turn the Spin It Pro to a medium to high setting to apply the colors. The more your medium drips, the higher the setting should be. Hold your epoxy cup over the pot while it is spinning. Drip small amounts of your first color at a time. Stop when you are pleased with the application. Then repeat with your remaining colors.

Remember that you can always go back and add more of a specific color. You can apply as much or as little of the colors of your choice. There is no right or wrong way. Also, remember that what you see while you are applying the color is not the finished product. The colors will continue to change and mix with each other while your pot is curing. If there are any bubbles, use a heating tool to raise them to the surface. Hold the heating tool six inches away in a sweeping motion. This part is complete.

Per the instructions for the We R Memory Keepers Epoxy Kit, I allowed my pot to cure for 4 hours. At this time, you can apply an optional final coat for an even smoother finish. Since this is a plant pot and not a tumbler that I will be constantly handling. I did not opt for an additional coat. Now, you can take your pot off of the Spin It by squeezing the arms and letting the bottom of the pot rest on a surface as you take it off. Let it cure for a total of 24 hours. Now your beautiful pot is ready for use.

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