Make a Mini Album with the Word Punch Boards

Hello everyone, Terhi Koskinen here wishing you all the happiest and healthiest year of 2021!
If I would choose one word for this new year, it would be creativity. Not only because I love being creative, but because it can reflect so many other parts of life, too. To celebrate creativity and what it means to me personally, I decided to create this wonderful mini album capturing my memory keeping process – which is surprisingly big part of my daily life!
Which would be your word?

Each page of the mini book has a word or phrase made with WRMK Word Punch Boards. I used both the Uppercase and Lowercase letters and in addition the Planner Icon set. Using punched words is very easy way to highlight your theme.

The photographs are there to show how I create, starting from playing with the photos, cutting papers and continuing to photographing the creations and editing everything for posting online. I want to remember later how the creating didn’t stop to the glueing part, it continued long after.

This mini album is chunky, thick and sturdy. Just the kind of mini I love to create and read. Most of the pages are sized 4″ x 5″, but there are smaller and bigger ones too and the covers are slightly bigger in order to keep everything neatly together.

Here’s a video tutorial to show exactly how the mini was created. If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask here or at my social media channels.

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

661599 WRMK Word Punch Board
661437 WRMK Word Punch Board Lowercase
661423 WRMK Word Punch Board Planner Icons

660093 WRMK Mini Guillotine Cutter
662789 WRMK Cinch Bookbinding Tool
660503 1″ Binging Wires Rose Gold
American Crafts Marigold collection

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