Make a DIY Glitter Tumbler with the Spin It Machine

Hello We R fans, Soraya here today to share a new project using the Spin It Tool. I’m so excited to show you how I’ve made this Glitter Tumbler! Making a tumbler is something you’ll love because the possibilities are endless! You can customize it in so many ways, it’s creative and useful in a same time. And yes! I made a tumbler to go with my handmade planner because with the Spin It Tool you can basically make anything you like!

Here are a few things you need to know about the process with epoxy:

  • you have to protect your surface / desk / table with a silicone mat or the plastic covers you get in the “prep kit”.
  • protect your hands wearing gloves and of course, wear a mask!
  • if you have the possibility to create outdoor, do so! If you can’t, don’t forget to open all the windows.
  • in the epoxy resin kit you have 2 bottles: A and B. When mixing your preparation, remember that A and B have to be at the same ratio.
  • you need to let the tumbler dry between each coat of epoxy or glitter.
  • don’t be intimidate with it and have fun creating!

First of all, I protected my table and wore a mask even though I was creating outdoor. Then I spray painted my tumbler with a white primer. I painted 2 coats to have a maximum of opacity. Before that step, I put some washi tape inside to protect the top of the tumbler. Once I’ve mixed my A and B solutions, I used the Silicon brush to apply the epoxy on my white tumbler. This tool is so fantastic! Once everything was flattened and spread I could put all the glitters making a gradient effect between pink gold, gold and white.

Once the glitter cured for about one hour, I applied the second coat of epoxy in order to block the glitter inside. I repeated the same process with the Silicon Brush.

  • tip 1: spin the tumbler, stop it, apply and spread some epoxy. Then repeat this process until the tumbler is well covered.
  • tip 2: let the Spin It Tool spinning while your tumbler is drying.

I let my tumbler cure overnight for a strong drying. I’m so excited to have a glitter tumbler to drink my morning tea! Yay!

Please find the video process on We R social medias for more visuals!

Have fun creating everyone and until next time!

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