Love You Valentine’s Explosion Card

Hi friends! It’s Desiree here and today we are going to make a Valentine’s Explosion Card with the We R Memory Keepers Explosion Card Punch Board. To make this card, I used the Maggie Holmes Garden Party Collection by American Crafts. I love the chance to make and decorate a card for a friend or family member. Valentine’s day and the explosion card punch board are the perfect combo for this occasion.

The main ingredients for this card are your Explosion Punch Board, cardstock, decor/stickers, scissors, and glue. There are three main parts that make up the explosion card. The box, tray, and envelope.

First, we will make the box. Start with a 12×12 paper and insert it into the box slot on the punch board. Then score the paper at lines 1-8. Flip your paper and rotate it 90 degrees. Then score at lines 1-7. Next, cut out the shape indicated in the punch board instructions at the scored lines. Flip your board and make the heart punches.

Cut slits above each heart punch and glue the triangles around your hearts. Then fold the paper into a cube shape. Don’t forget to add your rubber band inside the cube into the slots. Add two rubber bands to get a stronger explosion. Decorate your cube.

Next up is the tray. Take a 5×5 piece of paper and insert it into the tray line on the board. Score at line 5. Flip paper and score again at line 5. There should now be two vertical score lines on your paper. Flip the punch board and insert your paper into the tray slot. Punch your paper at your score line, then flip the paper and repeat steps.

Cut each corner of your paper where the hearts and score lines meet. Fold the paper at the bottom score line and decorate.

Last is the envelope. Take an 8×8 piece of paper and insert it into the envelope slot on the punch board. Score at lines 3 and 4. Rotate the paper 180 degrees and score again at lines 3 and 4. Fold, glue, and assemble the envelope. Take the time to punch all the heart confetti you need. Of course, decorate your envelope.

Close the cube and insert it into the tray with your heart confetti. Slide it inside your envelope and seal. Your card is now ready to be gifted!

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