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Hello WeR fans and welcome back to the blog today! I’d like to show you how to create a mobile that is simple to put together and heaps of fun with create with your kids or students. My children and I consulted on the idea together and then went about planning what we would need and who would help with each part of the assembly. The project ended up in my daughter’s room, but my dear son doesn’t know the plans I have for the vellum star shape bulb covers for his room… mmmwhoohahaha!

DIY Party Light Strand Mobile by Chantalle McDaniel

It looks so pretty hanging above her bed. I love the bright mixed colours and think it brings an outdoor feeling inside.

DIY Party Light Strand Mobile by Chantalle McDaniel

Let us show you how it came together:


First off, I purchased an 8 inch embroidery hoop from a nearby craft store. You could choose to use two crossed sticks or even a wreath would work nicely.

Erin gave the hoop a lovely slick of magenta paint to brighten it up a bit.


Next, some glitter glue and more glitter. Can one have too much glitter? Never, we say!


Whilst Erin was painting, Josh went about folding my mini DIY Party lantern bulb covers. I gave him this job as I knew he’d do a great job of folding along the scored guides.


They are so easy to put together, he didn’t even need to read the instructions! He folded two of each of the four colours in the pack.


When the painted hoop was dry, he then weaved a DIY Party Raspberry Glitter light strand around the hoop.


Whilst he was busy doing that, Erin was selecting some DIY Party light bulb cover combinations. So that everything co-ordiated beautifully, we chose to work with Bright Flowers, Bright Butterflies and Bright Lanterns.


Mixing and matching was fun!


Here you can see just how easy it is to feed the little globe up through the covers and pop it in place inside the bulb cover. * I will make mention of the fact that we later decided to adhere two solid butterfly shapes back to back so that a colour was shown from above, rather than the plain white cardstock in this picture.


Once the lights and covers were in place, we agreed the hoop looked a little bland. I remembered that I had a length of artificial ivy in my stash, so I grabbed it and we weaved it amongst the light bulbs.


I used my hot glue gun to attach the battery pack for the lights. I did leave the glue for a second or two so it wasn’t boiling hot when I stuck the box on. NB: If you want to create this project yourself, please remember to glue the battery pack with the cover that opens facing out, so you can replace the batteries once they go flat.


The finishing touch was to create the lovely hanging effect. We achieved this by threading some light pink ribbon up and out the hole at the top of the folded lantern covers.


I’ve used a button inside each lantern to weigh them down, but also to prevent the ribbon from sliding out through the top. TIP: If you had wider ribbon one would not need the button.


The buttons add interest when viewed from underneath.



Such a pretty view in the daytime…


… even prettier at night!


The lantern looks lovely and my little one is so happy with how it turned out. It adds a lovely warm glow to her room in those quiet moments just before sleep.


I hope you will give this idea a try!

Happy crafting,


DIY PARTY Raspberry Glitter Light Strand Set
DIY PARTY Mint Glitter Light Strand Set
DIY PARTY Gold Glitter Light Strand Set
DIY PARTY Bright Flowers
DIY PARTY Bright Butterfly
DIY PARTY Bright Lanterns




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