Letterpress Open House Invite

30 days of evolution

Aimee here sharing an invitation I made for an open house, using the Evolution Advanced and Letterpress Platform. I wanted to make something to share other than a party invite. So with the few letterpress plate sets I have, I decided on a generic open house invite.

Letterspress Open House Invite by designer Aimee Maddern for We R Memory Keepers

I mixed 3 different sets to create this invite. Clearly Posh for the arrow, Floral Invite for the “please join” and Date/Place/Time plates and Block font for the OPEN HOUSE. I had some square Letterpress paper that measures 5.25×5.25 that seemed perfect for these quirky invites.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern2

I set the plates up on the top side of the platform. I used some clear adhesive for each plate so it would stick to the lid, but I can easily remove when I am done. I then lined up the paper on the bottom half of the platform and used some foam guides to hold the paper in place.

Using the Navy ink I carefully squeezed a small amount onto the ink base and rolled the brayer in the ink to get it spread around.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern3

Using the brayer, I carefully rolled a layer of ink onto the plates, cleaning any ink that got misplaced with the letterpress cleaning wipes or use the cleaning solution sprayed onto a paper towel.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern4

Carefully close the lid and place letterpress tray into the evolution, viola you now have a cute letterpress  card.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern5

Remember, this technique takes practice, so be sure to practice on some scrap paper first.  It took me quite a few times before I got the hang of it, and I still am not perfect! I decided to make a matching envelope using my 1-2-3 Punch Board with paper from the Wildflower collection

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern6

How cute is this invite, what I love about it you can use it for showing a house, just to have friends over, or even for a school function.

Letters Press Invite by Aimee Maddern7

What will you use the letterpress for?



Evolution Advanced
L Letterpress Kit
Letterpress Font: Block
Letterpress Floral Invite
Letterpress Plates: Clearly Posh
Foam Guides
123 Punch Board
Cleaning Solution
Wildflower Collection

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