Kids Craft Idea: Rainbow Paper Garland

Hi, friends! It’s Yui here today. I will show you a fun kids craft idea using Precision Score Board. It’s garlands!

First, let’s make a rainbow paper fan! Prepare a 8″ square white cardstock and some paperstrips. I used precision cardstock pack by Americancrafts. I used 1-inch wide paper strips to make a three-color rainbow and 0.5-inch wide paper strips for six colors. Stick paper strips from the edge with glue. The edge of the paper is on the outside of the rainbow. When you finish pasting in your favorite color and order, paste in the same order from the opposite end.

Actually, I thought it’s easy to paste and I made it in 3 colors, but my kids told me that 3 colors are not They chose their favorite colors and put them in the order they liked!

Next, I used Precision Score Board to make a fold line. Score at 0.5″ intervals. I think this board is safe for children as it does not have a trimmer and paper is hard to tear thanks to the grooved score knife!

Then, fold along the line forward and backward alternately. And tie up the center with a rubber band.

Shape into a rainbow and clip. Done!

Next, make a heart! Prepare an 4″ × 6″ favorite color card stock. Score at 0.5″ intervals using precision score board.

Cut both ends like an ellipse.

Then, fold along the line forward and backward alternately. Fold it in half, shape it into a heart, and clip it! Done!

Put the string through the clips and the garland is ready!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like it and refer to it with your project. There is also a video on YouTube so check it out!

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