Introducing Becki Adams!

The first member of our design team that we’ll be highlighting is a new member for this year. Please give a warm welcome to Becki Adams! Becki is a very talented and experienced all-around crafter and blogger, and we’re lucky she’s a part of our team this year! Scroll down to get to know her.


My husband and our three kids are my top priority. I LOVE being a mom!! My family means the world to me. I love a clean house, a good book, and a really great cup of hot chocolate (in the Winter) or a glass of raspberry lemonade (in the Summer). Oh, and chocolate, don’t forget that I love chocolate. I also love a great find in a thrift store. My most favorite things to look for are books and dishes…a girl can never have too many dishes, or books.

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Snacking on: Leftover Christmas candy and popcorn
Always wearing: a cardigan sweater.
Obsessed with: warm socks
Listening to: Gilmore Girls (I usually have Netflix on in the background while I work)
Making: December 2016 Memories album
Annoyed with: the cold snowy weather
Excited about: Spending a few days in warmer weather in January

Favorite We R tool: Typecast Typewriter, the Banner Punch Board, and the Cropadile (I can’t pick just one 😉

Favorite project:


For more about Becki, you can visit her blog HERE. We can’t wait to see what you create this year Becki! Welcome!

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