Inspired by Honeycomb Pads

Good morning! Laura here and today I am sharing a project that was inspired by Aly. She made the sweetest little honeycomb cupcake pop-up card. I love the idea of the pop-up card. It makes the card seem so much more festive and interactive.


The honeycomb paper pads are perfect for adding dimension inside a card. After seeing the new High Five collection papers I knew right away I could make a fun adventure card that would be perfect to give to my husband.


To start with I cut an A2-size card out of the double-sided patterned cardstock and scored it in the middle. I embellished the front with a circle I cut from more of the patterned arrow paper along with some stickers from the High Five Accent Sticker sheet. To add a little sparkle, I added some gold sequin stickers.


Since the High Five collection is all about adventure, I knew I could re-create a hot air balloon as my pop-up for the inside of the card. Using the small yellow Sunrise Honeycomb Pad and the Honeycomb Stencil in the balloon shape I traced and cut out my hot air balloon. The template makes it easy to choose between a regular balloon and a hot air balloon shape.


To attach the balloon inside the card, I used some red adhesive tape and attached the balloon in the middle of the card.


My balloon needed a basket and some string, so I cut a rectangle out of brown textured cardstock. I added green and white twine to the top edges of the basket. I also secured the twine underneath the bottom edge of the hot air balloon with some adhesive.


To finish off the inside of the card I added the mountain stickers, the hexagon “Adventure” sticker and some more gold sequin stickers. I love how the adventure sticker looks a little bit like a sun, and the light blue background with stars looks like the sky.



This is the perfect card to give to my husband. We are campers and travelers and have had so many wonderful adventures together.




High Five Collection

DIY Party Honeycomb Pads: Sunrise

Honeycomb Stencils

Sequin Stickers: Gold

Brown Textured Cardstock

Green and White Twine


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