Ice Cream Sundae Party Centerpiece

Hello WR fans! Carrie with you today to show you a very quick and easy way to dress up your table for your little one’s birthday. This centerpiece took me about 10 minutes to make so just think how much more décor you could make to really make your party come alive!

Ice Cream Sundae Party Centerpiece by Carrie Walz for We R Memory Keepers #parties #partydecor #DIYParty

So let’s get started and I will show you how the supplies below can turn into the fun ice cream sundae party centerpiece you see above!


I found some cute little ice cream dishes at the dollar store and thought the WRMK DIY Party Large Honeycomb pads would make a super cute scoop of ice cream.  First I traced the dish onto the Honeycomb pad making sure I used the gummed side of the pad as my center. I then cut out my shape.


Once I got that done I opened it up and used the AC Sticky Thumb Glue Stick and glued the back ends together creating a 360 degree shape.

For my cherry I used the WRMK DIY Party Pom Pom Maker.  I opened up both ends


Wrapped my yarn around each end. The more layers you make the fuller your pom pom will be.


When I finished that I closed the ends up and cut the yarn in between the arms of the pom pom maker.


Once you finish both sides you need to thread a piece of yarn through the arms and make a tight knot, open both ends and pull the pom pom maker apart. (You may need to fluff and trim your finished pom pom .) I glued this on top of my scoop of ice cream using AC Sticky Thumb Glue creating a pom pom cherry.

My ice cream looked a bit plain so I used the WRMK  DIY Party Confetti Punch to create some “sprinkles” and added a few more embellishments and in about 10 minutes I had a cute centerpiece for my party table!

Ice Cream Sundae Party Centerpiece by Carrie Walz for We R Memory Keepers #DIYParty #parties #partydecor

Products used:


Pom Pom Maker

Confetti Punch

Large Honeycomb Pad

AC Sticky Thumb Liquid Glue

AC Sticky Thumb Glue Stick

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