How to Make Back to School Treat Bags

Yay! It’s back to school in some US states and that means new year, new adventures, new friends and a lot of learning… 😉 To make this day special and bring some joy and celebration to it, I have a cute little gift idea to share today.

In Germany, the “Schultüte” is gifted to the kids on their first day of school, filled with school supplies, toys and sweets, to make this day a bit more fun. I created two “school bags” using the SCHOOL TIME paper stack from DCWV and the amazingly cool and multi-functional THE WORKS ALL-IN-ONE TOOL BY WRMK, now available at JOANN Stores and Michaels Stores.

To start, I chose the papers I wanted to use for the cone bags. I used two pencils, connected with a piece of thread, to use as a compass and draw a 1/4 circle on the 12×12 patterned papers.

Then I divided my shape in seven “equal” parts. Since I had no idea how to divide them in equal parts, like finding out the exact measurements, I eye-balled it and it turned out super good. So don’t worry about that…haha… 🙂

I used the THE WORKS tool to score six lines. Then I used the included bone folder to fold the scored lines and be able to close the shape and turn it into a cone.

To turn the cone into a bag, I attached some tulle to the top border and then stitched it to the paper.

To embellish my school bags, I created a tag, a rosette and a bow, all with the help of my amazing THE WORKS tool.

With the tool, you can easily create tags, using the guide that is stuck on the back of the tool. It gives you all the instructions and sizes for your tags.

The paper I used for the tags, is a cut-apart sheet from the DCWV paper stack.

For the rosette, I used the tool to score my lines and then folded four accordions and adhered two and two together, using strong adhesive. I cut out a cat head and a tiger head, adhered them to a piece of patterned paper and created two buttons with my button press. I used some tulle behind the rosettes to make them look even cuter and adhered the buttons to the centers of the rosettes.

For the bows, I used the two straw-shaped plastic pieces included in the THE WORKS tool.

You simply put the pieces in the holes, deciding how big you want your bow to be. Then you wrap your tulle, thread, fabric, ribbon… around them and tie a knot in the middle. Super easy and fast.

I added my bow to the top of the bags, where I shut them close with a piece of thread.

I filled them with fun things from EK SUCCESS and they were ready to go.

I hope you like this fun BACK TO SCHOOL idea and are inspired to create some too. For all the kids returning to school: Happy new school year!!! 🙂

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