How to Make a Tassel and Pom Pom Garland

Hello everyone! It’s Eva Pizarro on the blog today sharing a tassel and pom-pom garland made with the The Works All-In-One Tool.

The Works All-In-One Tool combines over a dozen must-have tools into one. You can: cut, score, stamp, and create: envelopes, tabs, tags, pom-poms, tassels, banners, and bows! It is the perfect craft companion!

Start by creating pom-poms. Remove 2 pegs from the inside of the tool and place them in the B and E spots; next, wrap your yarn around. The more wraps you make with your yarn, the fuller the pom poms will be. 

Cut a piece of yarn and tie it in the middle of the pom-pom. Wrap it more than once and very tight so the pom-pom doesn’t fall apart.

Next, remove the pom-pom from the pegs and using some sharp scissors to cut the yarn in the middle of the loops.

Finally, trim you pom-pom to give it a nice round shape.

To create the tassels, place 3 pegs on the A, B, and H spots and wrap your yarn. Again, the more you wrap yarn around, the fuller the tassel will be. I wrap my yarn about sixty times to have a beautiful full pom-pom.

Once you have your yarn wrapped you will need to cut two pieces of yarn. Place one of them on top (to hang the pom-pom), and one between pegs A and B.

Remove your tassel from the pegs and cut the loops.

To create even tassels, I cut a 3,5-inch piece of cardstock with the cut feature of the The Works All-In-One Tool and trimmed the tassel. 

Use the yarn on top of the tassel to stitch trough the pom-pom and attach it to your wooden beads string.

Your garland is ready! Everything made with just one tool. Isn’t it cute? This is the perfect craft to create with your kids and to use those scrap yarns you have laying around.

Thanks for joining me today and have a great day!


The Works All-In-One Tool
Wooden Beads

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