How to Make a Gratitude Journal with WRMK Tools

Hi all! It’s me, Alicia with Crafts of a Different Shade and I’m excited to share how I made a Gratitude Journal using the WRMK Disc Power Punch and the Works All-in-One Tool. As we head into the holidays, a Gratitude Journal is a great way to document and memory keep so that you remain grateful and thankful in this busy season!

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The WRMK Crop-a-Dile Disc Power Punch packs a heavy punch and you can create planners, books, albums, plus more with it. All you’ll need is the punch and enough round discs for your project. The tool has an alignment guide so that you can keep the spacing even with each punch.

For my journal, I used the Jen Hadfield Peaceful Heart collection. I loved all the affirmations and sayings found in this collection.

To cut down each scrapbook page to 5×5 7/8 inches, I used the WRMK All-in-One Tool. This tool is amazing! You can cut, score, stamp, punch, and create with it, taking the place of needing multiple punch boards. I knew for this journal, I would use as many features as possible. Why not? That’s why we have the tool right?!

Once you cut all your pages down, punch the pages with the Disc Power Punch. This will give you the holes to add your disc. I used six discs total and punched out 3-4 pages at a time.

The fun part of making your own journal is getting creative. Use the same creativity you do for all of your layouts and start customizing your pages. Leaving room to write out your daily gratitude memos to yourself. I added in stickers, ephemera, die cuts, and washi on each page. I know this journal will be a great reminder for me to remain grateful all November!

Don’t forget to add all the gratitude vibes on your cover and use coordinated Thickers so you remember which month this journal is for. I hope you have a lot of fun making your own journal and feel free to even go back and add pictures so you really have an amazing Gratitude Journal filled with memories!

Let us know if you make your own and be sure to tag us! We would love to see what you create.

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