How to Create Valentine’s Day Happy Mail


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I enjoy all the thematic decorations I see at all the stores. Whether it’s the bouquets of flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, greeting cards, or heart shaped desserts, it’s fun knowing love is in the air.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to create Valentine’s Day Happy Mail. Not only is it happy mail, but it’s a Valentines journal too. There are even spots to hold pictures, ephemera, and other mementos.


Step One

Trim the poster board to 6″x28″ using the Comfort Craft Craft Knife and a ruler. To protect the work surface, use a Glass Cutting Mat.


Step Two

Now it’s time to score the poster board. Using The Works All-In-One Tool, score the poster board every 4 inches. Fold the score lines.

How to Create Valentine's Day Happy Mail by Renee Day (2)
How to Create Valentine's Day Happy Mail by Renee Day (3)

Step Three

Next, make the front and back cover using paperboard and patterned paper. Trim the paperboard to 4 1/8″x6 1/8″ and the pattern paper to 4.5″x6.5″. Place the paperboard in the center of the paper and fold the excess edges of the paper to create score lines. Then trim the corners of the paper where the score lines intersect. Once complete, add Sticky Thumb adhesive to the patterned paper and wrap the paperboard.


Step Four

Add adhesive to the poster board and attach it to the front and back covers.

How to Create Valentine's Day Happy Mail by Renee Day (9)

Step Five

Now that the accordion journal is complete, it’s time to decorate. Use all tools on the The Works All-In-One Tool to make a variety of different sized envelopes (or pockets), gift tags, tassels, ribbons, even pom poms.


This happy mail Valentine’s Day accordion journal was fun and easy to make. Don’t forget to share your creations and tag We R Memory Keepers. Thank you!

Renee Day

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