Honeycomb Ball Garland

Tessa Buys here with my latest party décor obsession! I can’t seem to decorate for any holiday or party without making at least one garland. I love mixing and matching them, too. Different materials, textures and shapes make for more fun, right? With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I’m feeling pretty lucky that I got to play with We R Memory Keeper’s honeycomb papers and stencils to create a new addition to this display:

Honeycomb Garland Tessa Buys 1

Because of the large scale of my tassel and balloon garlands, I decided to make a petite honeycomb ball garland for my chalkboard.

Honeycomb Garland Tessa Buys 3

It was incredibly easy and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Here’s how to make your own, in twenty minutes or less:

Honeycomb Garland Tutorial Tessa Buys 1

  1. Choose your honeycomb papers and stencil.
  2. Trace your stencil onto the honeycomb papers, making sure that you place the stencil up against the glued edge of the paper (not the edge that opens up).

Honeycomb Garland Tutorial Tessa Buys 2

  1. Cut the paper on your traced lines. I suggest using nice, sharp scissors.

Honeycomb Garland Tutorial Tessa Buys 3

  1. Using a circle punch, I punched a cardstock circle for each honeycomb ball. If you choose a different shape, you can cut your cardstock pieces the same shape.
  2. Cut the cardstock circles in half. This trick makes it easy to adhere the open ball together, as well as around the garland string.

Honeycomb Garland Tutorial Tessa Buys 4

  1. Glue the cardstock halves to the honeycomb balls.
  2. To secure the honeycomb balls in the open position, add adhesive to one cardstock half, avoiding the very edge. By keeping the adhesive out of the center of the ball, the ball can slide easily along the garland string.
  3. Wrap the honeycomb ball around the garland string and press the adhesive cardstock half to the other half as securely as you can.

If a video tutorial is more your speed, I will be sharing how to make this garland on my Periscope account, Friday, March 11th at 1:00 pm PST, username PrecociousPaper. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have.

Honeycomb Garland Tessa Buys 2


We’re ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at my house! And with these honeycomb garlands, you’ll be ready to celebrate just about anything in style. Happy crafting!


8″ Honeycomb Paper Pad–Meadow
Honeycomb Stencils

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