Hexagon Wall Art

I love the look of handmade quilts, but I don’t have the time or the skills to make them.  My paper craft hobby takes up most of my free time these days! So, I decided to use my paper craft skills and tools to create the same look in a home decor piece. Take a look at my paper quilted hexagon wall art.

Hexagon Wall Art by Aly Dosdall

To get a quilted look I used the 2″ hexagon die from the Hexagon Nesting Dies set and cut several hexagons from various Indian Summer patterned papers. I selected a couple of multi-color papers, and then some semi-solid papers to balance them. After placing some of the hexagons I decided to use a lighter brown than my original choice–that seemed to fit better with the look I was going for. I adhered all of the die cut hexagons to a piece of poster board that I cut to fit inside my frame.

place hexagons

To keep the design engaging I avoided a repeated pattern and placed the colors so that there is a good sense of balance in the project. Since my frame is a light color, I placed mostly colored papers along the edges of the piece for good contrast.

Hexagon Wall Art by Aly Dosdall_close

This project was fairly quick and easy, but I love the results! You could create a similar project with any size or color frame, and with other shapes such as squares or rectangles. Handmade quilts are great inspiration for design ideas. Give “paper quilting” a try on your next home decor project.



Indian Summer Paper Pack
Hexagon Nesting Dies

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