Halloween tumblers with Spin it tool

Hello, We R fans! It’s Bea here to share a pair of fun Halloween tumblers with the super useful Spin it tool and my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine! I like to make tumblers in pairs lately because making one piece takes the same amount of time and energy as two, but in the end, two of us are happy for them. I make the same pattern on them, they differ only in color.

As always, I started my process by cleaning thoroughly the tumblers, and then I applied a primer coat spray on their surface. I let them dry and covered the top of the inner side with adhesive tape. Next, I placed them on my Spin it tools and added a thin layer of resin.

I let dry the resin for 3 hours and added a coat using orange and black glitter. The next step is adding a second layer of resin, and this time I let them dry for 5 hours.

I cut out tiny stars and Halloween figures from adhesive vinyl using my cutting machine. I added them to the tumblers using tweezers and a wood stick. I try to avoid touching the surface of the tumblers with my hands.

The last step was adding a final resin layer, and then I let them dry overnight. I had a few leftover resin, so I made a BOO sign using the alphabet silicone mold. I will use them for Halloween decorations!

I absolutely love how these tumblers turned out, I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks for stopping by! Bea

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