Halloween Lollipop with the Mold Press

Hello there! It’s Ivy here today and I wanted to share one of the I make for my kids that they LOVE! With Halloween coming up it’s such a fun and easy project to customize using the We Are Memory Keepers Molds Press. Let’s get started.

1. Start off by turning on the mold press and letting it warm up for a minimum of 10 minutes.
I think this step is really helpful to get a good mold without wrinkles

2. While you are waiting for the Mold Press to warm up, prep the plates and peel off the plastic cover on both sides of the clear sheet.

3. Sandwich the plastic sheet in between the mold press plates and slide it into the press.

4. Lift the magnetic plates to the heat source and let it “melt”

5. Prepare the item you are creating a mold out of on the bottom of the press.
(I used a lid from a jar and glue dot a plastic spider on top)

6. Once the plastic starts to droop at least half the size of the item you want to create a that’s when you know it’s ready.

7. The Mold Press comes with a vacuum attachment that fits most vacuums.
Place the attachment and turn on the vacuum.

8. Slide the magnetic plates down quickly.

9. Make sure to let the mold cool down completely before you pull out item out of the mold, otherwise it could warp the mold.

To make the candies you will need some candy melts.
I used a chocolate (brown) candy melt to make the spider part.

Once the spider is covered, pop it in the freezer before you cover it with the next color.
I used White & green candy melts to apply a thin cover over the spider.
Let it cool down a little but not harden then place the oreo.
Cover it again with more candy melts.
The last step is optional if you want to make a “lollipop” style chocolate oreo add the candy sticks before you place it in the freezer to cool. If you don’t want a lollipop style skip the candy stick. *please note placing it in the freezer is optional. I personally place it in the freezer to quicken the dry time so I can reuse the mold to make more.

The chocolate pops out of the mold so easily.

I hope you enjoyed this project! See you next craft.

Mold Press-661033, Plastic Sheets-661358 and Candy Melts

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